Nostalgification is a group of creative nerds who banded together to create cool stuff. Based in North Carolina, but with members nationwide, Nostalgification aims to create a new way to collaborate and share passion projects.


omgadianaDiana is a nerd with a dream: to make cool stuff and put it on the internet. She pretends she can write music and draw, but we’re pretty sure she can’t. She does it anyway. She likes baking and can probably beat you at Pokemon.

She currently works as a producer, director, and content creator for Nostalgification. She is also a founding member, for whatever that is worth.

PROJECTS: Turnabout Musical (Producer/Director)

laurenLauren is the end result of science’s attempt to create a hyper-efficient human-duck hybrid. While it is currently up for debate whether the experiment was successful, by golly, does she get things done. She makes awesome videos at

She currently works as the video director, choreographer, and Master of Scheduling for Nostalgification, and is also a founding member.

PROJECTS: Turnabout Musical (Lotta Hart/Choreography/Promotions/Scheduling)

SaGrape_Juice_Bottlerah may or may not actually be this bottle of grape juice. It’s hard to say, as no one has ever seen her real face and lived to tell the tale. Her cat is, objectively, cuter than yours.

She currently works as the List Master and Chief Editor of Nostalgification, as well as writing music and making things more awesome. She is a founding member.

PROJECTS: Turnabout Musical (Maya Fey/Editor/Assistant Director)



Stephanie is a master cosplayer and nerd extraordinaire. More information will be added as Diana continues making it up.



Mirandamirmir is too hot, (hot damn). So hot that she makes dragons wish to retire. She writes for the webcomic Intergalactic Cassi and it is hotly debated in academia whether or not she actually exists. Still, true believers are not hard to find.

PROJECTS: Turnabout Musical (Tech director)


Danny was drafted to play Phoenix Wright in Turnabout musical in 1945, at the height of America’s involvement in World War II. He is played by Luciano Pavarotti in two out of three alternate universes.


PROJECTS: Turnabout Musical (Phoenix Wright)


Maddi is the classiest lady on earth. In her free time, she is known to single-handedly end world hunger on other worlds. Local psychics believe she will be the first person to discover proof of life on Saturn.


PROJECTS: Turnabout Musical (April May/Lana Skye/Polly)


Angela is a busy bee: spinning tunes at a cabaret, watching Let’s Plays to save money on ridiculous expansion costs, building furniture and sewing the occasional costume, all while moonlighting as a panic stricken dragon.

Amid that ruckus, she still found time to make it back to the stage! Keep a look out for her as the Handsome Birch Tree in scene 27!

– 2005 Freddy Award nomination for best supporting role (Yente the Matchmaker, Fiddler on the Roof).
– Voted Liberty High School’s “Most Dramatic!”
– 2007 winner of Muhlenberg College theater scholarship!
– 2016 Doing Her Best award!


Charleycharley is one of those hip Youtube types, what with the followers and the hilarious content. He also makes the Ace Attorney Anime Abridged Series . One time, he bench pressed the entire internet. The internet is still displaced about an inch fro

m where it should be.

PROJECTS: Turnabout Musical (Furio Tigre, livestream)


Garrett founded the New York City School for Method Acting in the year 1986, which is absolutely a real institution that exists which he founded. He makes cool videos on the Youtubes, too. He’s also making an entire video game! Single-handed! Woah.


PROJECTS: Turnabout Musical (Miles Edgeworth)