Last weekend, several members of Nostalgification stormed Animazement. Costumes were safety pinned. Wigs were hairsprayed. Shoes were uncomfortable. Fast food was inhaled. It was a BLAST.

While several members were present, including Stephanie Yuri, Cookie, and Daniel, this is Diana’s report. Diana traveled with members Sarah, Kelly and Katie. These are their stories.


Our intrepid nerds woke at the crack of 7AMish in order to get to the convention early. We’re collectively too cheap to go up on Thursday nights, so this is our general MO. Diana may have overslept a bit.

Diana and Kelly drove separately and arrived at the convention around noon. Of course, as soon as we walk in the door, here’s this guy dancing his heart out:


Best Garrus costume I have EVER seen. Then there’s these awesome folks:


So there were some pretty awesome cosplayers around, needless to say. (Can you tell Diana is a Bioware nerd?) There was also some Ace Attorney love, which we’re ALWAYS super pumped about, as I’m sure you can imagine.

IMG_0533[1] IMG_0522[1]









Personally, we were on a relatively tight budget and hate driving in wigs, so only Sarah actually ended up cosplaying on Friday. But she looked incredibly cute.

Sarah as Sawamura Haruka, as she appears in      Yakuza 5. Obscure cosplay FTW.

We visited the J-Trap double dutch demonstration and it was AWESOME. Danny was chosen to go up on stage and jump along, and nailed it. (Later in the weekend we got their autographs, and they remembered him as the one with the huge hair.)


We stormed the karaoke box that afternoon. Diana attempted to perform Goose House’s “Hikaru Nara”, but foolishly decided she could do the full version when the TV size was the obvious choice. She managed to make it all the way to the end, but her voice will never forgive her for the abuse. We took video, but unfortunately the sound quality didn’t quite work out.

Also, we ate hot dogs. That was pretty cool.

Like the good little ducklings we are, we went to bed early and got a good night’s sleep. Kind of. Our room was cramped, so the sleep quality wasn’t tops. Still, on Saturday morning, it was time for our first group costumes.


Stop--RWBY time
Stop–RWBY time

We arrived bright and early to get good parking and get the most out of our day. Today, we were team JN*R–look, we didn’t have the time or resources to make a Pyrrha Nikos costume. Or four people with their Saturday open to cosplay RWBY. While KatieJaune got coffee at Starbucks, SarahRen and DianaNora took silly selfies.












KatieJaune returned with “John”‘s coffee, and we were ready to make ALL THE FRIENDS.

Photo by Kelly!
Photo by Kelly!

And FRIENDS WE MADE. So many that we might be putting in an appearance at Hoshicon in July.

IMG_0552 IMG_0547IMG_0567IMG_0545








You can seem more awesome pictures in LOTS OF PLACES:

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Diana on Instagram

Nostalgification on Instagram

Other than that, Diana and Cookie did karaoke, and it was awesome.

Then we all passed out.


I’ll be the first to admit that Sunday at conventions are boring, so we usually end up leaving early. But we DID get in some cosplay:


Detective Conan for the win?

We raided the dealer’s room and headed home. Diana’s foot might have ended up bleeding because of overly tight shoes. Convention tip: Wear your shoes before the con a LOT.

We’re already missing all of you and hope we can see you soon. <3


Animazement 2016: Diana’s Convention Report!
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